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next gen ministries.

We defend the next generation by loving, serving, equipping, and sending people to do the work of the ministry. The greatest resource that we have is our young people. They are NOT the future of the church, they are the life and heart of everything that we are as C4 Church. By prioritizing our children and youth, and growing our influence with surrounding communities, these ministries ensure the legacy of C4 Church.

c4 kids.
C4 Kids
C4 Kids


Ready to get your little one checked in on Sunday? Here's what to expect.

Check-Ins happen in lobby of Building B (smaller building). Just follow the signs to "Kids Check-In".

If this is your first time checking your child in, a volunteer will ask you to fill out the Kids registration form. You can save time and fill it out now by clicking the button below. 

C4 Kids is first and foremost about Jesus, helping our kids to know Jesus as their King and that they are citizens of His kingdom is the focus. Each week we show children how to love and serve God, love and serve their friends and family, and how to point people to Jesus.

Non-Walkers:  Ages 0 - Walking
Preschool:  Potty Trained - Pre-K
Kids Church:  Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Walkers:  Walking - Potty Trained


Trusting anyone new with your kids for any period of time can be overwhelming. We have done everything possible to make sure all of our environments are safe for your child including the use of our Check-In and Check-Out systems, name tags for kids and matching labels for the parent checking the kids in, locked doors wherever possible, and a security team member monitoring the area.

C4 Kids
Dwell Youth
dwell youth.

Dwell Youth exists to love, serve, and point teens to Jesus, and to develop youth who will influence their culture. They meet each Wednesday at 6:30pm on the Hixson campus in Building B, Room 03. 

Dwell Youth
Youth: 6th - 12th Grade
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Dwell Youth
Dwell Youth
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